Good morning to our chief guest,Mr xzy,our dear principle and all the other wonderful people present here name is abc and i feel honored and deeply evaluated to stand in front you all to give a speech on the Indian independence day.
3 score years(1 score year=20 years) and 9 more, a nation was freed from British chains.this great country ,where you stand is India.lots of efforts was made to make this country free.lots of lifes were used,lots of pain was suffered,lots of punishment.the movement began in 1857 by the blue Revelation,and ended in 1947.if we look at history,the time of the mid night hour and present date ni not much,yet we take independence for granted.lets make our grate country grater by voting every vote;keeping our places clean,and abolish corruption and injustice,not just by holding plastic flags and singing patriotic songs.

thank you

(p.s you can add more points, by mentioning the names of our hero's,important events,and improvements made in recent years for example the mangalaya and the swatch bharat abhayan.
hope this was useful  ^_^)