Social media and social networking seems to play an imperative part of people lives around the world. there are some who debate whether it is improving or crippling communication skills. sitting behind the computer communicating with cyber friends can be easy and fun but can weaken a person's verbal communication skills. i will not only focus on the negative impacts on communication because there are some positive impacts on communication through social media. i will explore how social media and networking strengthens and weaken communication.
communication are defined as the act or an instance of communication; the imparting or exchange of information, ideas, or feelings. (collins, 2009). communication involves the transfer of meaning or information for one person or group to others. (baack, 2012). it is an integral part of everyone life.
"all communication areas are significant in that each area represents a system that operates within a broader system of destination management, and contributes to its overall efficiency. however, each area of communication has its own characteristics and the knowledge of these characteristics will ultimately help establish an efficient communication pattern. there can be no arguments that technology has had a major impact on the world and how people communicate."(omrcen 2009).

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