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Tsunami is a natural disaster which involves a series of water waves caused by the displacement of a large water body like an ocean. Any disturbance above or below water like earthquakes can lead to tsunami. Tsunami also known as killer waves or harbor waves are very different from normal waves. Normal waves don't cause any destruction mostly. But tsunami causes extreme destruction because the wavelength of its waves are very high. Tsunami can be generated when the sea floor abruptly deforms and vertically displaces the overlying water. 

Tsunamis cause damage by two mechanisms -- firstly because of the large volume of water it displaces and secondly because of the force with which the waves hit the living being. The attacks caused by tsunami inflict irreparable loss to many. It destroys many peoples' shelter and even kills many. The tsunami attack in the Indian Ocean in 2004 was a shocker. 

Tsunami is a natural  phenomenon. Hence it cannot be prevented, but the people can be protected from its effect.
International and regional warning systems, especially for the Pacific Ocean, issue alerts before the big waves reach the shore. Ultimately we must understand that nature will let us live peacefully only if we respect nature.
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Tsunami is one of the natural disaster . this is one of the most dangerous which can just not cause the damages but also can take our lives. so just see precautionly.
a real life story which you can enter in the composition
the tina learning in 4th standard was taught about the tsunami in her class.her geography teacher showed them a video of tsunami.after it her family went for the vacation in phuket beaches there she saw the waves reacting same as in the video.she told this to her parents and they fled for safety with other visitors.
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