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Hurricanes refer to the violent storms on earth which occur especially in the pacific and Atlantic Ocean. Warm moist air near the equator rises upward and hence moves away from the surface. Hence at the surface there is a lack of air and a low pressure area is created. Now air from the surrounding area which is of higher pressure comes to the pressure deficit area and pushes it down. During this process , swirling of air and water takes places and this results in the formation of hurricanes.
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Hurricanes occur at  three conditions. First, the ocean waters must be warm enough at the surface to put enough heat and moisture into the overlying atmosphere to provide the potential fuel for the thermodynamic engine that a hurricane becomes. Second, atmospheric moisture from sea water evaporation must combine with that heat and energy to form the powerful engine needed to propel a hurricane. Third, a wind pattern must be near the ocean surface to spirals air inward. Bands of thunderstorms form, allowing the air to warm further and rise higher into the atmosphere. If the winds at these higher levels are relatively light, this structure can remain intact and grow stronger