We all know to be progressed we have to be educated . but in the world we are not so educated in compare to other countries.we can see countries like america,japan , england that the people here are highly leads to can't be stolen by anyone . education by it only we have more ideas to progress. today this technical wonderful world is leading ahead because of education only
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An educated nation is indeed a progressive nation. It is full of young minds which are ready to provide brilliant ideas to make the nation count among the best ones' s in the world. Youth are the power of a country and if they are educated, then their creativity can surely make the nation excell in different skills. If the children are educated, then they will remove the poverty problem from the country, they woukd also be known people If they use their skills and take the country to new heights. So work for making ur nation well known, take the simplest step first get educated yourself....
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