Actually i is quite simple...the make use of the things what they find around them.... like for making huts they can use branches and stems....and also for covering their body they can use animal flesh....
and many other things
they get habituated to this system
their life is happy without technology where only greenary is der
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ur welcome
hope it helped u in postive meaans
Villagers in jungle r uncivilized. they dont know the whats happening  around them . they also live a life which is quiet opposite to us. v all enjoy by going outside to parks, parties, imax and so on but those people all together  perform dances, sing in front of campfires. they have alot of superstitious believes. but in our lives v believe in science. they people living in jungle have to face a lot of hardships i  life.they may get killed off or eaten away by animals if they go away from their place. at present situations govt. is somehow helping them to get civilized. but those efforts r not up to the  mark. hope that those people too  could enjoy lives like us with luxurious
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