God is the Creator and the Sustainer of the universe who created everything for a reason. There is nothing worthy of worship except God. There is only one God. God is above the heavens, above His creation. This however does not mean that He is contained by any sort of physical dimensions. God is close, very close, to those who believe in Him and He answers their every call. God knows all of our secrets, dreams, and wishes, nothing is hidden from Him. God is with His creation by His knowledge


Gods according to me are a imaginary character to whom we can share anything,  everything in our life, as sharing something can make us feel good. 
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God is considered to be omnipresent. The concept of God varies from religion to religion. But ultimately He is the controller of all the living beings in the universe. Some religions preach that God has a form, while some say God is in the form of light while some say that God doesn't have a form. He is the supreme force whose power is immeasurable. 
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why known as god or a supreme force?
Because he rewards people based on their deeds and is controlling all of us