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In the entire world, Education is the key for success. Good morning teachers and my dear friends, we all know that how education is important for the development of our country. So, today I am Aditya of class _________ standing before you to tell about "Impotance of education". India's ecnomic achievements may be spectacular. So, may be its rapid strides in space and arms. But let me ask you a question. Doesn't it mockery of all our achievements? But it's not the matter at which we feel ashamed. I want to make particularly my friends aware of it. I want that all of us must contribute something in bringing about a change in the lives of the illiterate adults. Siram, I feel that every unit of N.S.S. in schools must call for volunteers. The voluteers of each unit must adopt at least five villages. They must set their target. Let's be totally devoted to the cause of the illiterates. We can do wonders. A day will come when we will have not a single illiterate in India. It may takes time. But that day will come. Thank you and have a marvelous day !!
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