The key figure of the administration was the wazir , who acted as the prime minister.The wazir supervised the works of the officials. The final decisions were taken by the sultan.
The minister in charge of the army was called ariz-i-mumalik.There were two other important departments namely , diwan-i-insha and diwan-i-risalat. 
Dynasties -
1. Slave - Qutub-ud-din- aibak , Iltutmish, Razia sultan
2. Khilji - Jalaudin khilji , Aluaddin Khilji
3. tuglaq - Muhammad-bin-tuglaq, feroz tuglaq
4. sayyid -Khizr khan, Mubarak II
5. lodhi - bahlul lodhi, sikander lodhi, Ibrahim lodhi.