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Time is precious, time is gold, time and tide wait for none are some proverbs which emphasize the importance of time. Opportunity knocks the door only once. We must only make use of it properly without missing the chance and wasting our time. Procrastination is the thief of time. Once we start postponing our chores, we will finally find that it is very difficult to finish all tasks in one day. There is no use in thinking of the time we lost because we can never get it back again. Its truly said that,"Don’t count every hour in the day, make every hour in the day count.” we got to be very punctual and studies in our lives about time. A student needs to know the value of time so that he can study well and get good grades. A professional must know the value of time so that he or she can be successful in life. A successful man only knows the value of time because he has come up with proper use of time joint with hard work.So, time should not be procrastinated instead every single second should be used carefully.Then only a person will touch the sky of success.
It is rightly said that time and tide wait for none. Every moment that we kill uselessly, is never goin to come bak and in future, we might think that, 'oh, I should have done this at that time'...people often postpone any thing thinking that they will do it smtime later, but little do they know what might happen next.Instead of wasting time, one should use it efficiently, so that they can manage their schedule. We must manage each and every thing within the same 24 hours for a better routine to avoid thinking later that I shud hv done this, that.....