Solve if you are a genius. no trick. pure math. gud luck solve it you are standing in one big palace where 5 soldiers stay. each soldier has 5 rooms. in each room there are 5 big tigers. each big tiger has 5 little many legs are there in the palace? take ur time... take your time, consult your friends and family to give me the correct answer.




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Ok, there are 5 soldiers, and people have 2 legs so the number of legs of the soldiers will be 5×2=10legs.

A tiger has four legs and there are 5 tigers, so there will be 5×4=20legs.
There are 5 small tigers with each tiger, so there will be 5×5=25little tigers. A little tiger has 4 legs and therefore, there will be 25×4=100legs.

Add them all up.


Ans:130 legs
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