It is celebrated in every village,town and city of India.It is also celebrated in our embassies foreign countries.It has special importance for Delhi,the capital of India.It is celebrated in front of the Red Fort.The Prime Minister of India unfurls the national flag and takes salute.He delivers a speech emphasising the importance of national unity and integrity of India.He reminds the people of the great sacrifices made by the Indian leaders to achieve freedom.He cautions the people against the evil designs of the imperialist countries.He pleads that the had-won freedom must be protected at all costs.He appeals to the people to remain united and work for betterment of the poor.
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Respected sir/madam and my dear friends. a very good morning to each one of you present here at this grand celebration of independence day. today I am very happy. we are here to celebrate our independence day. first of all we should pay a homage to all those great patriots who sacrifice their lives to free our mother land from the Britishers . we know well that during the British reign bhartia were exploited. they were not free to do what they liked but they had to follow the British. when our great leaders noticed many Indians living in such miserable conditions they become furious and started satyagraha against the Britishers to subdue their policies. our leaders united people and stirred them against the britishers . ultimately the Britishers realized that they were not able to control the fire of independence burning in the hearts of Indians. and they left India. after such a long conflict and a lot of sacrifices India got freedom on 15 Aug 1947. friends do you know what is freedom? it is moment of happiness
at this moment we are happy and this shows that we are like a free bird not a cage bird. again do you know why we celebrate this day with a great joy? there us a special purpose behind this celebration. this gathering is a symbol of unity. we all are Hindustani though we belong to different religions. this shows unity in diversity. but friends you have to be alert. why?because we since the dawn of independence have been facing many problems still we are not safe. we are rejoicing our freedom here because our jawans are at border. there for it is our duty to protect our nation. so I would like to say a few lines in Hindi.
उठो जवानो देश के हो देश के लिए
जिओ तो देश के लिए मरो तो देश के लिए
with these words I conclude my speech.
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