Hornets’ nest built in the top of trees indicate a mild winter is ahead; nests built close to the ground indicate that a harsh winter is coming.The higher the clouds the better the weather.If the cat washes her face over her ear, the weather is sure to be fine and clear.Clear moon, frost soon.When leaves fall early, autumn and winter will be mild; when leaves fall later, winter will be severe.If March comes in like a lion, it will go out like a lamb.When ants travel in a straight line expect rain; when they are scattered, expect fair weather.If the first snow falls on unfrozen ground expect a mild winter.If bees stay at home rain will soon come; if they fly away, fine will be the day.
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Clear moon frost soon.
a year of snow is a year of plenty
rainbow in the morning gives u a fair warning
halo around the sun or moon rain or snow soon.

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