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The Hero depicts the journey of a mother and her son. They are travelling through far-off foreign lands. The son is riding on a chestnut horse and the mother is in a palanquin. On the way when it gets dark suddenly they are attacked by dacoits, i. e. bandits. The mother gets scared and asks her son to flee. But the boy gallops his horse, and fights a fearful battle. His mother remains in the palanquin, afraid to look outside, thinking that her son might have been killed. Some of the dacoits are killed in the fight, the rest flee. The boy then returns to her mother. The mother is overjoyed to see her son alive. She hugs him.It is the dream of every boy to be a hero in the eyes of the world, especially his mother. He does not want the world to think that he is weak or delicate. He wants the world to acknowledge his bravery and valour. He has a faithful and sincere love for his mother, proved by his willingness to save her at the cost of his own life; it is this, says the poem, that transforms him into a real hero.Did u get it now or still ???any confusions ??
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