We know education is not given for single purpose but it is given for many purpose. to get education means to make all round development. bookish education acquired within the four walls is class be a boarding for the students if they do not take part in curriculum activities. different activities will keep their interest alive in their studies. suppose we have a mental development not physical development you think what will happen with us. we will not be able to face the challenges. if we want to live peaceful life we must have a physical fitness along with intellectual u know again that health is wealth. physical fitness is carried by sports. therefore sports and games have an important place in our life. they help in inculcating values like co corporation and spirit. we are very lucky to have found very active and skillful sport teacher s who always teach us different sport and games. many students from our school or college have got prize and medals. indeed we should have physical exercises and games and sport is one of the best exercise. so here I conclude my speech thank you
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