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Plant cell -they have cell wall,
                 they contain chloroplast,
                 they contain large vacuoles,
                they do not have centrosome,
                 golgi apparatus is in the form of subunits called dictyosomes,
Animal cell -they do not have cell wall,
                    they do not have chloroplast,
                    they have small vacuoles,
                   they have centrosome,
                   highly complex golgi apparatus present near nucleus

Plant cell
1. plant cell has cholroplast
2. it has cell defined nucleus
3. plant cell has cell wall has a large vacoule's nucleus is shifted to a side Becoz of large sized vacoule
Animal cell
1. it doesn't have cell wall
2. it has naked nucleus know as nucleoid doesn't have cholroplast has smaller vacoule scattered all around in the cytoplasm
5. it's nucleus is in the centre but naked (ie don't have well defined membrane)