Can any one give me important questions of chapter 13 science class 10 plz give me the answer fast i need it tmrw is my exam plzzzzzzzzzzz

which syllabus ?
chapter magnetic effects of electric current
wait a min.then
can u also give me extra questions for biology chapter control and coordination



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   What is the direction of magnetic field at the centre of a circular coil carrying current in anticlockwise direction?

   what is the phenomenon of electro-magnetic induction

   When the current in a wire moves from south to north, the direction of the deflection in the magnetic needle parallel to the wire will be?

   What is meant by the term “Magnetic field Lines”? List two properties of magnetic field lines

   What are the factors on which the strength of magnetic field produced by current-carrying solenoid depends?
   Explain the construction and working of electric motor?

   A current of 10 A flows in a circular coil of 1000 turns and radius 0.1 m. Find the magnitude of the magnetic field at the centre of the coil.

   Why is pure iron not used for making permanent magnets?

   Describe how permanent magnets are made electrically. State two examples of electrical appliances made by using permanent magnets.

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