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There are two phases in the life cycle of malarial parasite in man. They are (1) Pre erythrocytic cycle or Exoerythrocytic cycle (in liver cells) and (2). Erythrocytic cycle or Endo-erythrocytic cycle (inside the red blood corpuscles).
this comprises the asexual reproduction of the malarial parasite. When a female anopheles mosquito bites a person, thousands of sickle shaped sporozoites are injected into the blood. They first remain in the capillary vessels of the skin and then enter into the general circulation.
they enter the  liver and become cryptozoites. They feed on the liver cells and undergo repaid growth to become crypto schizonts. They undergo schizogony which results in numerous crypto merozoites. 

each crypto merozoite makes its way into a red blood corpuscle and feeds on it. During this period, it changes it's form from trophozite, signet ring and finally gets the schizont the schizont stage, the nucleus breaks and each bit of nucleus gets surrounded by cytoplasm. These cells are called merozoites. They are released into the blood stream by the rupture of RBC and this causes infection.