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Harry is a salesman.he sold many vacuum day his manager sent him to country side to sell vacuum cleaners.harry goes to the country side and stops at a farm house.he rings the doorbell.a farmers wife opens the door harry directly starts his speech he asks"mam,how much time do you spend for cleaning/sweeping the floor? farmers wife answers"it takes a lot of time to clean the floor" again harry asks "mam,how much time do you spend for beating the carpets?" she answers"it takes a lot of time we have a farm so things get dirtly quikly" suddenly harry opens a vacuum cleaner and says "mam with the help of vacuum cleaner u can clean any thing in 5 mins" and he opens a bag full of dirt and he will throw all over the wife surprised and without giving a chance to speak harry will say "mam if i won't clean this in 5mins i will eat this dirt.then farmers wife says "well,i will bring a spoon and we have no electricity"
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