1) repair leaking taps immediately
2)keep ACs at about 24 or more
3) use cfl 
4) plant trees
5) turn off lights and fans when not in use
6) replace electric cookers with the cookers that work on natural gas
7) opt for a shower and not a bath
8) close tap while brushing
9) when switching off tv, switch off the main power supply too.
10) When washing the dishes, rinse them in a half-filled sink of water instead of washing them under running water.
1)insulate your water pipes.
2)take shorter showers.
3)turn off the tap after you wet your brush.
4)water the lawn only when needed.
5)while applying soap ,close the tap and open it only to rinse your hand.
6)do not waste the rain water instead collect it  for your plants.
7)after having water in a glass dont throw the left out water for later use.
8)dont flash more than 2 times in your toilet.
9)first fill a sink of water and then rinse your utensils.
10)use a broom instead of a hose to clean the sideways.

1)Do not run ac too much.
2)use bulbs instead of tube lights.
3)do not use lights in the morning.
4)do not use fridge in winters.
5)turn off fans of kitchen and bathrooms after use.
6)wash clothes with cold water.
7)do not use water heaters in the summer.
8)reduce the strain on the ac.
9)charge your phones only when needed.
10)do not use table fans too much.
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