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What time was it?
It was roughly 2:00 in the afternoon, when we saw that a really big wind was blowing. We were alerted when we saw a sturdy tree fall to the ground. Some of the tiles from my thatched roof fell down. We realized it was a cyclone.

What did you do, before the rescue forces arrived?
Well I and some of my neighbours had cyclone cellars, because cyclones were common in our area. We camped in the Cellars. All our Cellars were interconnected with tunnels an were always stocked with supplies. We camped there for almost five hours.

Did somebody get hurt? 
Not really, but a child from the other house cut a knee. We bandaged it when we got to the cellars. Then one person who was a patient of epilepsy had a fit, but luckily he took his medication. He's fine now.

Were the winds really strong, causing lateral destruction?
Yes, really strong winds destroyed some cowsheds, but the cows were safe. A few old houses were reduced to dust. Many people lost homes.

What all did you do in the cellar for five hours?
We all were scared to death and lit a lamp and stayed there. The children fell asleep and we were alert. Then we heard a *tuck* sound and realized that the Hinges of the Cellar door were loose. Fortunately, we had a mechanic who fixed it.

When the Air Force arrived, what were all the people doing?
We quickly boarded the helicopter. My house was blown to bits. Some people and little children were crying, because they lost their homes. One man tried to jump off, but we stopped him.

Were there any causalties?
No, nobody was very seriously hurt.

What do the people plan to do now?
Some people have decided to migrate to their sons' and daughters' homes. I have a young child who is staying in Ireland, so I'm going there. But for the left out senior citizens, poverty has become the Final option for them.

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