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1)The word bidouins comes from the arabic word 'bedu'
2)They speak various dialects of arabic language.
3)Their livelihood is based on agriculture and raising of livestock.
4)These societies are found in the arid steppe regions of arabia and N.A.
5)Bedouins are always linked to other non-pastoral societies.
6)By tradition these group of people have permanent settlement.
7)Each bedouin group ensures to control a land area that contains sufficient resources to sustain communal life.
8)Marriages in this tribe is usually allowed only between close relatives.
9)Although a few bedouin societies before were christains before the vast majority are basically sunni muslims.
10)The bedouins are influenced by sufism.
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Bidounis name come from arabic word isbedu
they speak arabic language
livelihood based on agriculture and raising of livestock 
marriages are allowed only with relatives
the bidounis influenced by sufisum