Science is not a subject its a part of our body and life there r many benifits of science like knowing about our body parts how v r same as animals their structure etc even the small tissue can be seen by using science
if man wants to make mastery in science 1 or the other thing will be missed and there is no procedure or method  to say that v must not let science become master because science is master and it is helping us to develop
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Science is a double edged knife. It is of immense help to many but humans have caused danger through science by mishandling it. Inventions like the electric bulb and fan have proven to be extremely useful and our life will be unimaginable without them. Advancements in the field of medicine have increased the life span of many and has also cured many deadly diseases. Inventions in the field of communication technology have enabled us to reach out to millions of people in the world no matter where we are. Transport has been made way easier due to the development of scientific technologies. As a result of all this, employment has increased bounds and folds. But the problem is we have become a Slave of science. We must be the master of science but science has become our master. We should not be extremely dependent on science and learn to live a self satisfactory life. We should not degrade our environment and pollute it for the sake of scientific advancements.
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