Boil water for 1 minute at a rolling boil. Alternatively, you may wish to use commercially bottled water. Food Preparation: Cooking foods at normal cooking temperatures will render the water safe. However, washing of food to be consumed without first cooking should be done with pre-boiled or bottled water. Bathing: Bathing in this water is safe as long as you do not drink the water. Babies and small children should be supervised during bathing to ensure that the water is not consumed. You may wish to sponge-bathe your child with safe water. Brushing of teeth: Should be done only with safe water. Dishwashing: Used mechanical dishwashers with a sanitizing cycle or, after washing dishes, add a tablespoon of fresh bleach to a sink with clean water. Place them in the water/bleach solution and soak dishes for about one minute. Let dishes air-dry.