1)Compare intermolecular forces and kinetic energy of solids liquids and gases?
2)benzene is a liquid at 80degree c liquid Benzene is in equilubrium with its vapour it is found that particles of benzene vapours are more energetic than particles of liquid benzene explain



In solids the particles are very close to each other so kinetic energy of the solids are very less and inter molecular forces are very high
In gases particles are very far away to each other so the intermolecular forces are very less and kinetic energy is more
in liquids the particles are not close not far so liquid propertices are lies between solid and gases
kinetic energy increasing order
solid < liquid < gas
intermolecular forces order
solid> liquid> gas

2) in vapor state particles arw very far way to each other..so these are having high kinetic energy. ... Hence vapor benzene has more energy