Simple present- sub. + V1 form of verb .
eg. he plays football.
simple past - sub. + V2 form of verb
eg. he played football.
simple future - sub. + will or shall + V1
eg. he will play football.

present continuous- sub. + am or is or are + ing form of verb
eg. he is playing football.
past continuous - sub. + was or were + ing
eg. he was playing football.
future continuous- sub. + will or shall + be + ing
eg. he will be playing football.

present perfect - sub. + has or have + p.p
eg. i have finished my homework.
past perfect- sub. +had + p.p
eg. i had reached the school when the bell rang.

Basically there are 3 types of main tenses which are
Past Tense - Tenses which had happened before the time of speaking
Present Tense -  Tenses which is happening at the time of speaking
Future Time - Tenses which will happen after the time of speaking
Now these tenses are again divided into four as
Perfect Continuous
So in all we have 12 tenses.
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