The removal of the gallbladder is considered a major surgery and the body needs time to recover after such an enduring operation. Most surgeons advise their patients to prepare their homes adequately for the surgery aftercare. There are many surgeons who may ask the patient to continue to remain in the hospital for a few days after the surgery for proper aftercare as well as observation. The gall bladder is a significant part of the digestive system and its removal may have some minor effects on your digestion. Therefore, doctors advise a special diet after gall bladder removal. Immediately after the surgery you will be requested to consume only liquids. For a few days you will be kept on a completely liquid diet after which you can slowly begin to include solid foods into your diet. Depending on your individual condition and your age, the doctor may advice you to avoid fried foods. Since the gall bladder’s role is primarily in the metabolism of fats, you will have to reduce the consumption of fatty foods to a large extent.