I recommed all my fnds to read daily that day portion itself . concentration is must and should . remember you work 100% and ask the blessings of elders . as it is a stepping stone you must be careful .
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Good morning everyone i am here in order to motivate .if there is atleast change in one boy i will be so happy.everyone thinks tenth is easy but for a first class child first class is tough for him.u r the one who must be changed .try to work atleast for one hour.if u learn atleast one answer learn it perfectly.u must not just read but learn .dont ever worry about marks.marks are not important getting knowledge is important .if u study sincerely marks will be coming for 100%.u must be involving in the group discussions .u will know the real pain in inter bczz it is based on tenth.everybody say study study but they dont say learn.learning is different from studying .so u must even concentrate on ur health during the time examination.go to school regularly .just dont bertify it but understand the subject.think about answering in a different way.
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