Mrs jorden was very intelligent and very Greedy because she said to ben jorden to divide the all property of abel in two parts and he donot respect his elders abel when he know that abel was not submitted his insorence money
Ben jordan is rather a jolly little man but adapts himself to regrettabe occasion.He is the husband of elizabeth and son in law of abel merry weather.He is a man with no individuality.He is a hen pecked husband .He acts according to the instruction of his wife.Like his greedy wife he also acts very foolishliy.He has the least recpect for human lifes and values.He doesnt bother about his father in law..the real purpose of comming to his father in laws house is for the sake of his things and insurance money.He aquires a very cheap charecter and can be easily bent.he was not able to correct his greedy wife.
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