Use words properly
Present your thoughts in a organised manner
Whatever you write, make sure it is related to the topic only
Have a proper structure - first introduction, then the main theme and then conclusion.
1.Get familiar with the type of article you want to write.
2.Make a list of potential topics.This will give you something more specific to write about, which will make for a more forceful article.
You should care about the topic you choose to write about. Your enthusiasm will show in your writing and will be much more engaging for your readers.
If you’re not at all familiar with your topic (if, for instance, you need to write on a specific topic for a class assignment), then you will need to start conducting some preliminary research.
Find a unique angle
6.the writer makes an argument. This is the main thrust of the article. Then the writer finds evidence to support this argument. In order to make a quality article, you need a quality argument.
Researching Your Idea
Gather supporting evidence careful about how you compile information. Sometimes, people copy text into a single document to use as notes for their article.
Don’t copy any text directly from another source. Paraphrase this text instead, and include a citation.

now start write your article

1.Write your introduction.
2.Follow your outline
3.Give proper context.
4.Show with description.
5.Pay attention to style, structure and voice
6.Write a compelling conclusion
8.Think about adding supplemental material
9. Give your article a suitable headline. The headline is short and to the point, using no more than about 10 words.f you want to convey slightly more information, write a sub-headline. This is a secondary sentence that builds on the headline.