Urbanization is the natural phenomenon of large population immigrates to one town gradually and continually over a period of time.  The town becomes a city and a mega city.  In India urban area means more than a hundred thousand people.  In western countries the number is much lower like 20,000.  Due to rapid development in the country the industrial and political centers are getting urbanized.   The policies of liberalization have too encouraged it.


   Urbanization is good for the economy as it increases.  There is more employment.  Average income increases.  Birthrate and death rate are less.  Obviously it’s because of better medical facilities. Fertility decreases because of tensions and pressures faced.


     People live with better sanitation, water, electricity, education related facilities.  Urban areas cause latest commutation modes to develop like metros etc.  In rural areas people do not have the basic amenities even today.  Urbanization increases competition among people enhancing the performance.  However, rapid growth causes congestion and pollution too.


    In 1950s 750 million lived in cities.  Now nearly 4 billion people (50% of population) in the world live in urban areas.  In India there are 300 urban areas already. Let’s say urbanization is good, as we all like it here.  But we also want a well planned expansion.  Uncontrolled urbanization took place in the previous two decades.  Hope the present and future authorities take care of that.

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