Dear (name of ur frnd)

I heard that u recovered from your fever, i am very happy about that. I was very angry first when i heard that you were not coming i got very angry but when i heard of ur illness.....

your present was wonderful, u knew i was dying to read the last part of harry potter and u gifted it to me, it was awfully sweet of u.

well, this year i celebrated my birthdsay in a different way, my parents had planned a secret outing and they had invited all my friends, as u know they had sent an invitation to u  too, well guess what, we went to an orphanage!It was a wonderful experience.
At frst i was unsure whether i wd like that place or not, but it turned out to be enjoyable!

When we reached there, we gave some prsnts to each child there, theywere so happy to receive them and the thanked me and my frns (rite wat else they said to u)
We played all day with the chidren there and(watever u did there in this para)
It was also for me to cut the cake there,(watever happened at thattime) I really wish u too were there.we wd have had lots of fun together...

Well i hope we meet soon as i hv got tons of other things to tell u! See u soon!

Your frnd 

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( sender's name is tina)
dear tina
hello! how are you ? i hope you are fine. i have been missing you for days . i heard you got well from illness

 thanks for teaaching me the song GIVE YOUR HEART A BREAK song . i sang it in my competition and guess what? i won  . i got 2nd prize not first  but still good

as you were ill and told me to vist the orphnage. i went and saw many children father gave them children and i made some friends there was a small baby too. i was having fun. i played with them for time. the teacher their gave me a bracelet made by all of the children it was so cute. i loved everybody their.thanks for everything

convey my regards to uncle and aunt . please reply
your friendly