Differences between lagoons and lakes are:-
• A lagoon, though it looks like a lake, is a shallow water body near coastal areas and receives water from the ocean, and it is separated from the ocean by barrier islands made of sand.
• A lake is a water body that is still or slow moving and is away from the oceans.
• Lakes are mostly freshwater lakes that are formed at the foothills of mountains.
• Lakes are surrounded by land on all sides though they are fed and drained into a river or any other stream.
• Lagoon is a type of saltwater lake that is formed by the waves of the ocean
.• Lagoon is close to the ocean, whereas lakes are far away from oceans.
• Lagoon is saltwater body, whereas lakes are mostly freshwater bodies.
• There are close to 2 million lakes around the world, whereas there are far less lagoons.