1-why is it that our health is so weak that we get ill?
ans-it all depends on our balanced diet if we have a perfect balanced diet its impossible for us to get ill
2-what would help us to stay healthy?
ans-eating veg more than non-veg will help but that doesn't mean we shouldn't eat non-veg at all bcoz fishes and others are healthy for us too
3-should we take medicines for staying healthy?
ans-its not good to take too many medicines bcoz it can damage your body
1-what will happen if we take too many medicines?
ans-we will die more quicker than we actually have to as they damage our internal parts of the body
2-why should we take medicines for being cured?explain
ans-we have to take medicines for getting cured bcoz medicines are made up of powerful bacteria which kills the harmful bacteria inside us which are causing us disease but overdose can kill us for taking too many of them
3-if medicines are so important to get cured then why don't doctors discover a medicine which will always prevent us to get ill.
ans-well thats bcoz even if we humans try then we won't be able to make it since its not in our power to do it