You are member of Explorer, an adventure club. Write a paragraph about one of your experiences of adventure activity
Here are the phrases you can use:
Curious thrilled terrified relieved
felt euphoric agonizing moments insecurity grateful
uncertainty overwhelming experience extraordinary courage




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We had a trip to nepal to see who was the best climber in our group we had to stay there for 1-2 weeks for announcing the winner as there were many students who participated as everything was going smoothly,right before the 3 days we were leaving we felt the earth shaking and saw all the snow falling down we didn't had the time to react as a result many of our teachers and friends were injured and a few of them died we were in depression of how to survive we had nothing left 2 days passed and we lost our comrades one by one after 5 days of surviving god listened to our prayers and we finally returned home safely.well that doesn't mean we stopped doing adventures we are still enjoying our trips to the fullest 
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