Consumption refers to all the resources we purchase,wear use ,drink, and otherwise surround with our selves with. at the end of this cycle in waste,the things we dispose because they are let over,worn out,used up, or not needed.for example-after you purchase and drink soda , the bottle became waste to be tossed out
1-work with your local recycling authority
2-evaluate and minimize paper usage and waste
3-communicate waste and recycling initiatives regularly to staff,students and parents
4-set up a  composting system or organic waste
5-investivate whether you can make money by recycling steel and aluminum cans
6-recycle used electronics and e-waste
7-obtain supply made from recycled or reused materials
8-avoid disposable food service items whenever possible.
9-repurpose clothing ,furniture,and other durable items
10-create a culture of re-use

since you have understand how to avoid waste