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Photosynthesis is the process in which the green plants make their own food by using sunlight, carbon dioxide and water and minerals from the soil. The leaves contain a green pigment, chlorophyll in it which absorbs the sunlight. It also contains stomata which absorbs the carbon dioxide from atmosphere and give oxygen out. The chlorophyll converts carbon dioxide and water into carbohydrates in the presence of sunlight. 
The equation for the photosynthesis is - carbon dioxide + water + chlorophyll ---------> sunlight   glucose + oxygen.
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1.photosynthesis is a process of preparing food by useing carbondi oxide , water and chlorophyll  in leave which make starch(C6H12O6)
2.photosynthesis plant prepare thier own food 
3.photosynthesis occurs in 2 phases
(A)light dependent reaction           (B) light independent reaction

(A)light dependent reactions 
it place in the presence of light and occurs in grana.during this process the photolysis takes place and produces ATP and NADPH

(B)light independent reactions
it occurs even without light in stroma of chloroplast during this process crobon from carbondi oxide is converted into glucose