It was the story of that time when i was 6 years old. I was going to pick up my school  bus . but when i came to a turn at right suddenly a motorcycle came at attacked at me ,i felt down words then my mom was there so she pick me and take me to eye was totally injured .but when it is operated it became fine.but it is suggested to keep it under care for nearly 5 months.this brought an great incident to my study in my life

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A incident happened with my friend so i shall narrate it from my side

one day i was walking back home i saw a cat sitting near it followed me all the way home. when i picked it ,it scarched me all over the face my left eye had mostly been demolished by that cat .i was lucky that i was near my house when i screamed my mother came down and saw me she was also scared . she took me to the hospital doctor told that my eye sight shall be very very less .he said from my left eye i ncould only see things till 3cm or 4cm. later after 3 years i could see much better but never got the same vision i had before the incident
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