The story is about sher singh, a twelve-year-old cheerful boy. He lived in a village nmed laldwani.One day his younger brother got sick. He had already lost many of his siblings. He had a faternal love for his brother. So he determines to take kunwar to the hospital at kalaghat, which was miles away from the village. he had to face various obstacles in the way. But nothing could stoped him to reach his goal. At last, he saved his brother. :) :) 

PLOT OF THE STORY-------------------------------------------

.Pain in Kunwar's stomach.
.Sher singh's decision to carry him to the hospital
.his journey through the jungle
.the boy's nightmarish period of rest
.His struggle in crossing a flooded river
.His discovery of the signs of civilization
.He reaches the hospital by a bullock cart and a truck
.his working at the rail yards loading coal
.The doctor's declaring kunwar safe.


hope this helps.. ;)