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The characters of the story hunger were: rizwan and kasim.

Rizwan: Rizwan is the protagonist of the story hunger. He is an educated unemployed youth, who earns his living doing jobs, like selling cold drinks.
He is underemployed, for his education makes him worthy of a white-collar job. Rizwan does not belong to a well-to-do family. He lost his father about 2 years ago, and he has to shoulder the family responsibilities alone. His mother is ill, and his two younger brothers have dropped out of school due to lack of finances.

Kasim: kasim is the second important in the story. He is a middle-aged man, who is a rag-seller by profession. He belongs to a proverty-stricken family of labourers. His ancestors has worked as physical labourers. kasim has no land in the village. He is homeless in the city. Wherever he get's place, he sleeps there only. he is an uneducated man. He ears only Rs 500 a month. And he has responsibilities of his family also. kasim is content with his lot as physical labourer, and he pessimistically believes that things will nevr change.

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