I visualize my future daily, no joke. I see myself being a successful Magazine Editor and opening my own fashion line, production company and charity case. I will get to New York. I will have this future no matter what I'm told and I will do whatever I have to do get there. I will not settle for anything less otherwise. No matter how much I'm put down. I will go to Columbia or NYU for college and travel the world for a year, after high school, putting college off for when I'm about 19. I want to travel the world to go to some fashion programs and explore different cultures before I settle down. (Not family-wise.) I am determined, dedication and passionate about pursuing such a life. I want to write some lyrics and sell them and publish a book before college application. I'm 13 now. But extremely ambitious for the age that I am. I will take part in the community and I will also do a lot of extracurricular things. :)

Hope this helps:)