In this essay, the author talks about his umbrella. He said "The truth is I couldn't put up my umbrella. The frame would not work for one thing, and even if it had worked, I would not have put the thing up, because it was falling to pieces and I would be the laughing stock." he said that his own silk umbrella was took away by some rascal who has umbrella conscience.
In the second para he said that he will swap umbrellas, or forget to return a book, or take a rise out of the railway company. In fact he is a thoroughly honest man who allows his honesty the benefit of the doubt. Perhaps he takes your umbrella at random from the barber's stand. Then he says he took the umbrella in mistake. I like what the author says here "Dear me! I've taken the wrong umbrella. Ah, well, its no use going back now. He'd be gone. And I've left him mine!"
Third para talked of a preacher, a famous literary critic who are dishonest, but I don't think they are dishonest it is quite possible anybody including you but me. haven't you ever forgot to return a library book? The author himself agreed in the end saying if you press me on the point, I shall have to own that it is hard to part with a book you have come to love.
The author ends the story agreeing that the man who takes his umbrella returns it with compliments. He learnt an lesson that he must write his name on umbrella. I fully agree with author, I write my name on my umbrella, books, and suitcase where I go on tour because if my suitcase is lost and you find you return it seeing my name I forgot to tell I always write my address so you can send it to my address.
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