Government should ban on  use of phone while driving. It is bad habit. Many exedents are also there. there they are talking and their mind is not on driving. that's why exedents are occur. if phone is ringing we should stop the vihele and then talk on mobile. or we should cut it and after reaching home we can call it back. or we should silent the phone while driving. In India many exidents are because of riceving mobiles or because of drinking beer. there are most exidents in India only. So, in last I want to say that we should not call or recive the phones while driving.
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Mobiles are used world wide... every body uses mobiles.. it helps us in many ways..but nobody is thinking of its defect.. i am sure that more than half of human population uses mobile while driving..they do not think of the problems that may happen if  they do like this..many accidents have occured due to this...