Born as an Industrialist
with a brain full of ingenuity,
scientific curiosity,creativity
which leads him to be a scientist
who made wonders in history
with his work on solar physics 
and in cosmic rays easily 
just like a child playing with ball.

His contribution in science field made
to stand India at the peaks with proud
established Nehru Foundation for the study of
social and education problems
by thinking about the India's future

Started a project for the fabrication,
for launch of an Indian Satellite
which kept the 1st Indian Satellite Aryabatta
in orbit from a Russian Cosmodrome
which was happened perfectly 
just as like a spark of light.

India gave birth to such a great scientist
who was credited with launching 
India into space age. Such that India
today is so proud about him
which kept his name to a space centre
Salute to Sarabhai!!!