I knew a man from Petushkee,
As muddle headed as could be.
He always got mixed up with clothes; 
He wore his mittens on his toes
Forget his collar in his haste,
And tied his tie on his waist.

What a muddle headed was he,
The man who lived in Petushkee!

They told him as he went about:
"You've got your coat inside out!"
And when they saw his hat they said:
"You've put a saucepan on your head
What a muddle-head man was he,
That man who lived in Petushkee!

At lunch he scratched a piece of bread 
And spread some butter on his head,
He put his walking stick to bed,
And he stood in the rack instead.

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Birdy Birdy,
In the sky,
What you doing in my eye,
It tastes like sugar,
It feels Like soup,
Oh My God,
Its birds poop.