You are Pritam. Write a letter to the editor of a famous newspaper expressing your concerns over the youth who seem to be so dependent upon the computers in the present times. URGENT!!!

Clues - In the techno-world - 24 hours access to the internet - no doubt school children using not as homework tool.

Advantages: Quick way to find information update - more free time for other activities.

Disadvantages: Students' reading, writing, thinking skills seem to be disappearing - just copy information.


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The Editor 
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Dear Sir,Through the columns of your esteemed newspaper I would like to tell these days students are dependent on computers for information.No doubt that this helps in reducing taken time by searching in books but this also makes a student dependent and lazy.It is the quickest way of finding an information in just seconds and hence they can get time for other outdoor activities. But by this student's reading,writing,thinking skills are just disappearing.They are just coping the information and not understanding it.
By this they become less intelligent and loose their smartness.As a concerned citizen I would ask you to make all the teachers and parents aware about this and make sure that every student should do their work correctly.

Thanking you

yours sincerely
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Thank you so much! this helpful ??
Of course
     i am writing this letter to  inform u that youths seems to be so dependent upon the computers in the present times. 
                                                    they have lost their ability to think and depends on the computer 4 everything... they do not use the computer only 4 studying...they misuse computer s i  many ways... computers is a good way to find information fastly buy i think they depend on computers more than a days they just copy the answer..
                       i hope u will find a way to limit the use of computers.
                                                                                                                    yours faithfully,
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