Properties of solid 1 Solid has fixed volume. 2 Solid has fixed shape. 3 Solid has high density. 4 Solid are heavy. 5 Solid does not flow. Properties of Liquid 1 Liquid has definite volume. 2 Liquid has no definite shape. 3 Liquid gets the shape of container in which it is kept. 4 Liquid cannot be compressed much. 5 Liquid has less density. 6 Liquid is lighter than solid. 7 Liquid flows and that's why is called fluid. Properties of Gas 1 Gas has indefinite shape. 2 Gas has no fixed volume. 3 Gas gets the shape and volume of container. 4 Gas fills the container completely. 5 Gas has very low density. 6 Gas are light. 7 Gas can flow easily and that's why is called fluid.
1.solids-have definite shape,volume.rigid ,not compressed easily,have high densities
2.liquids-have no definite shape ,have definite volume,expand more than solids on heating,have lower densities than solids
3.gases-have no definite shape,take the shape of the vessel,easily compressed,have low densities