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Haemoglobin: hello good morning are u ?
CHLOROPHYLL:very good morning haemoglobin. .I am fine
HAEMOGLOBIN:I am also doing well..tell me chlorophyll, who r u?
CHLOROPHYLL:I am green coloured pigment present in leaves of plants
HAEMOGLOBIN:how many different types of chlorophyll are there?
CHLOROPHYLL:we are four types I.e.., chlorophyll a, chlorophyll b, chlorophyll c, chlorophyll d.
HAEMOGLOBIN:may I know your job in leaves?
CHLOROPHYLL:yes.why not? I am an essential factor required for the process of photosynthesis in plants.
HAEMOGLOBIN:oh! you are participating in the process of preparing food materials in green plants.
CHLOROPHYLL:now tell me abo your presence.
HAEMOGLOBIN:I am present only in animal cells.that too in the red blood cells of the blood. the red colour of the blood is due to my presence.
CHLOROPHYLL:then tell me about your function in respiration.
HAEMOGLOBIN:during respiration, I carry oxygen to the cells in the body parts.
CHLOROPHYLL:how are you able to do this?
HAEMOGLOBIN:I have an oxygen binding element binds oxygen on four corners of it.I form oxy-haemoglobin with oxygen in the lungs.
CHLOROPHYLL:what happens to the digested food in the cells?
HAEMOGLOBIN: in cells, oxygen breakdown the glucose molecule into carbon dioxide and water releasing large amount of energy.around 38 ATP molecules are produced.
CHLOROPHYLL:what is the use of this energy?
HAEMOGLOBIN:This energy is utilises by the cell to carry other functions.
CHLOROPHYLL:what happens if you do not carry oxygen and supply it to cells?
HAEMOGLOBIN:the food materials are not oxidised ans the energy will not be released.
CHLOROPHYLL:then what happens to the cell? what does it do?
HAEMOGLOBIN:in the absence of oxygen the cells adopt anerobic respiration during which very little amount of energy is released. I.e..,2ATPA molecules are formed.
CHLOROPHYLL:Where do we find this type of anaerobic respiration?
HAEMOGLOBIN:anaerobic respiration occurs in some bacteria, Yeast cekk ans muscle cells. respiration occurs in the cytoplasm and mirochondria of the cell.
CHLOROPHYLL:is all the energy released during respiration utilized by the cell?
HAEMOGLOBIN:no.some amount of energy will be stored in the form of a compound called Adenosine triphosphate (ATP).
CHLOROPHYLL:Thank you have taught me everything about respiration. in our next meeting we will discuss another topic.
HAEMOGLOBIN:thank you chlorophyll for your patience.
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