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Shiyali Ramamrita Ranganathan (9 Aug 1892 ~ 27 Sep 1972)

S. R. Ranganathan was an Indian mathematician and librarian and is said to be a father of Indian library science. His adventure as a librarian begun at the University of Madras where he was originally teaching mathematics. in 1923 the university opened a recruitment process for a new librarian who would be able to classify and clean up the mess in their main library. Even though he wasn't exactly thrilled about the job, S. R. Ranganathan decided to apply. Later, when he actually did get the job, he was really surprised as he forgot that he had sent the application letter... 

I believe that his story shows that life sometimes works in a very weird and mysterious ways. The truth is that S. R. Ranganathan wasn't that happy about his newly acquired job at the beginning but he turned out to be the greatest librarian in all India. Sometimes, we just need to know the task better to like it, just like him, when he went to London to study Library Science

Everybody in their lives gets to the point when they happen to do something they don't really like. Sometimes we can change it and therefore reverse our bad luck. Sometimes however, it's not possible. Sometimes also, even though something seems to be daunting or dull, it might actually turn out to be something we're amazing at and that is why, I believe, that we should never give up too quickly. 

S. R. Ranganathan created the colon classification of books as well as the five laws of library science. Even though, originally he wasn't even interested in the topic. Who can say what will you do given a chance to dwelve deeper into what you don't yet like.