Cell Excretion is the process in which a cell gets rid of the wastes, and toxins that could be damaging it, by its cell membrane.Shortly after the eukaryotic cell vacuoles started doing to help them catch their food and store, about 600 million years, cells also started to use the vacuoles to dispose of garbage in the cell - the cell molecules no longer needed .If the cell uses photosynthesis, this would mainly extra oxygen, and if not, most of the trash will be additional carbon dioxide.Cell got rid of the trash to bring the garbage near the cell membrane and then close the cell membrane around the waste, isolating it from the rest of the cell.Then, the cell could open the cell membrane outside the cell, leaving the trash without losing any cytoplasm or let anything else in. It's like an air bag in a space ship, or as the double doors at the supermarket air to keep the heat inside the supermarket and the cold air outside.Lysosomes also play a role in disposing of garbage in a cell. If there are broken parts used in a cell, or too many mitochondria, or poisons, then forms a bubble lysosome membrane around them, and enzymes within the lysosome break down these big parts in small molecules that can fit to pass through the cell membrane. so cell needs excretion.
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